Our Approach

Pivotal’s team members are trusted leadership advisors and performance improvement experts. We create organizational solutions for attracting, training, engaging and retaining a committed, competent and capable 21st century workforce. To ensure that our engagements are completely aligned with our client’s expectations, we consistently employ a 3-phase process.

Commitment to Service Excellence and Client Satisfaction

Our commitment to service excellence and complete client satisfaction are clearly reflected throughout the engagement. Our approach is customized for each client based on the project requirements – and, we create a plan for all our engagements, large and small. We include quality assurance plans that requires a high-touch, double feedback process to proactively address any issues that could adversely impact the engagement.

Building Competence, Capability and Capacity

While we love developing long-term relationships, we are also committed to building our clients’ internal capability and capacity to minimize contractor dependence. This frees up valuable resources to explore other ways in which we can support you. By working collaboratively throughout the engagement and providing regular communication and coaching, we support emerging and enduring independence.

After Action Reporting

One of the signature elements of our process is our After-Action Report. It is a comprehensive report that provides a record of the complete engagement, as well as a summary of lessons learned and recommended next steps. Our goals in providing the report are two-fold. First, we want to ensure you have an itemized summary of the deliverables based on your investment. Second, we want to ensure you have a clear roadmap for maintaining momentum and following through.