Consulting & Advisory Services

Pivotal leverages leading practices and the latest academic research to tailor our engagement approaches to address important and client-specific contextual distinctions, such as organizational mission, culture, and strategic leadership focus. We use a positive focus to address root cause issues that interfere with or undermine performance excellence. We also use our portfolio of tools and techniques to develop best-fit solutions, based on sound management and organizational design and development principles and leading practices.

The hallmark of our service model is developing an intentional, flexible, and responsive engagement with clear performance outcomes. The engagement is supported by a mix of quantitative and qualitative investigative techniques consistent with public and private sector leading practices.

The following graphic illustrates our overarching approach.


 Illustrative Services


Strategic Human Capital Planning

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

A central pillar in the strategic management of human capital is the alignment of human capital strategies with mission, goals, and objectives through analysis, planning, investment, and management of human capital programs. While structure and content may vary, the following elements are included in the strategic human capital plans we collaboratively develop with our clients:

  • A clearly understood strategic direction
  • Customer and stakeholder outcomes
  • Strategies with measurable goals for achieving the desired outcomes to ensure accountability
  • An implementation plan, including supporting communication and change management
  • An evaluation plan, including accountability systems and plan reviews and revisions at appropriate intervals

Our approach is built upon the Human Capital Institute’s (HCI’s) strategic talent management framework. It ensures availability of the required expertise, professional services, products, and recommendations in support of the organization’s strategic plans and annual priorities. This includes providing expertise and professional services for facilitating executive briefings, in-person training sessions, and focus groups, as well as consulting, workshop and meeting facilitation, and strategic plan development and finalization.

Program and Process Studies and Audits

Conducting quantitative and qualitative organizational studies and reviews, we help assess performance, identify barriers to optimal performance, develop customer-specific recommendations based on the unique organizational culture and relevant benchmarks, and support implementation with appropriate change management strategies.

Climate Surveys and Assessments

Leveraging appropriate surveys and diagnostic tools, we help identify and implement solutions to improve individual, team, and organizational performance. Research shows that better organizational climates – which is different from culture and easier than culture to change – increase motivation and boost performance by as much as 30%.

Performance Management Support

Do your employees and managers dread the performance management process? Do they feel as though it’s a huge time and energy drain? Pivotal specializes in taking performance management to the next level – both from a process perspective and an experience perspective. Our team of skilled professionals can support every aspect of the performance management process – from goal-setting to performance evaluation. Our approach is holistic to ensure  the performance management process is integrated and aligned to the employees’ and organization’s needs. Our writing services help reduce administrative burden and our coaching and consulting support help employees feel more positively about and be more actively engaged the performance management process.

Executive Candidate Development Support

Is your executive candidate development program properly resourced? Are your agency’s aspiring executives receiving the vital support and assistance they need to successfully transition to the highest professional level of government?  Would it be helpful to partner with a small firm that can provide individualized and specialized support and assistance, to include supporting candidates with writing those challenging ECQ?

As a career member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) with more than 25 years of highly-decorated federal government experience in four agencies, including serving as the Chief Human Capital Officer for the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), our President brings a level of commitment and understanding to all of Pivotal’s engagements that ensures our services really deliver.

Our approach to ECQ development provides for a high-level of personalized individual support to the candidates, while also providing regular reports to appropriate program officials on significant activities and includes the following.

  • Comprehensive project plan with timeframes and interdependencies
  • Web-based scheduling tool for ease in scheduling one-on-one time with ECQ coach
  • Web-based tool that guides candidates through the process of developing narratives using the C-C-A-R model
  • Online (Dropbox) secure collaboration space for real-time and on-going changes to narratives with appropriate version control and historical reports

Each service is highly customized to help support sustainable performance excellence for your organization.  It is our goal to provide solutions that create meaningful and lasting change for our clients.