Staff Augmentation Services

Our highly collaborative four-phased approach affords a high degree of client and employee satisfaction.

These four phases are further refined into the following five activities.

  • Planning – we can assist with development and refinement of tasks descriptions to ensure the most efficient use of resources. We also work expertly to smoothly transition from another service provider, reducing any adverse impact to the client and current employees.
  • Screening – we leverage a variety of tools to recruit and screen job candidates to ensure the best possible fit. And, our flexible options for background checks provides a high degree of confidence in the character and integrity of our team members.
  • Deployment – we work with our clients to ensure that all required forms and training are completed expeditiously, leveraging technology as much as possible to improve process efficiency. This ensures that our employees report to the work site ready to work.
  • Management – we actively manage all of our team members, to include regularly scheduled meetings and activity reports. We have an integrated performance management process that includes client feedback and that supports our proactively addressing performance concerns before they become problems.
  • Closure – we professionally close out our engagements with exit surveys and targeted client feedback to enhance future staff augmentation engagements.
Pivotal has . . . Which means this to you . . .
Efficient processes for attracting and screening highly qualified talent Rapid deployment to client site – at contract initiation and throughout the engagement
Highly competitive salaries and benefits and fully engaged staff supervision Retention of well-trained contract staff – fewer absences, lower turnover, enhanced productivity
Quality assurance standards and risk management protocols Compliance with all contract quality and quantity requirements
Active contract management with monthly client interactions Timely and proactive resolution of any issues and quarterly conversations with the CEO