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    Organizational Excellence

    We are committed to making organizations work better – especially for those on the inside.

    We work with you to identify and implement solutions with your unique culture, processes, and challenges in mind to ensure alignment and create clear pathways to performance excellence.

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    Leadership Excellence

    We support leaders at every organizational level in strengthening their effectiveness.

    We work with you to develop a leadership development program that considers the complexity of the environment to build competence and confidence in the multiple roles you expect your leaders to perform well.

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    Employee Excellence

    We deliver people-focused solutions with your unique needs in mind to enhance employee engagement.

    We leverage your performance and climate data – or help you gather the data – to identify and implement solutions to enhance inclusion, cultivating a culture in which all employees are better able to perform to their full capacity and capability.

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"The Pivotal team made a huge difference. We were challenged to think about performance in new ways while feeling completely supported throughout the process."
Center Director, Food Safety and Nutrition Center, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Results-Focused Solutions That
Drive Organizational Excellence

About us

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Award-Winning Experience You Can Trust

Pivotal Practices Consulting (Pivotal) believes that employees are entitled to workplaces that are inclusive and foster full engagement. We specialize in supporting leaders and organizational development professionals in creating workplaces that feel good to those on the inside. Our approaches are collaborative, strengths-based, and client centric to ensure that the solutions we deliver exceed expectations and support meaningful and lasting change. Our key portfolio areas include: 

  • Organizational climate assessments and engagements
  • Program and process improvement engagements
  • Executive and leadership development and coaching
  • Offsite meeting facilitation and team engagements
  • Temporary long-term staffing placements.

Size Matters

Pivotal is small and mighty. We connect our clients with the brightest and best practitioners and academics around the world – within every imaginable speciality and focus area while maintaining a clear focus on what is most important to you.

Our academic relationships include The George Washington University, Georgetown University, Cornell University and the University of Maryland, and our corporate and association relationships are equally impressive, ensuring that we leverage the best available talent to provide cutting edge, responsive and actionable solutions that address our clients’ specific needs.

While we love developing long-term relationships, we are also committed to building our clients’ internal capability and capacity to minimize contractor dependence. This frees up valuable resources to explore other ways in which we can support you.

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Our Clients

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Leveraging Strengths To
Keep the Team Leaning In

Our services

Climate Assessments and Engagements

Leveraging appropriate surveys and diagnostic tools, we help identify and implement solutions to improve individual, team, and organizational performance. Research shows that better organizational climates - which is different from culture and easier than culture to change - increase motivation and boost performance by as much as 30%.

Program and Process Improvement Engagements

Conducting quantitative and qualitative organizational studies and reviews, we help assess performance, identify barriers to optimal performance, develop customer-specific recommendations based on the unique organizational culture and relevant benchmarks, and support implementation with appropriate change management strategies.

Executive and Leadership Development

Leveraging the experience and perspectives of our former federal senior managers and executives, we offer engaging and experience-based training and development programs that support leaders in addressing their most pressing challenges. Services include leadership assessment (e.g., 360, Leadership Style inventory, Birkman, Strengths Finder), customized training solutions, and individual and team coaching.

Temporary Staffing

Leveraging our expansive network and highly competitive benefits packages, we attract, screen, seamlessly onboard, and retain employees who have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to contribute on Day 1. This results in temporary placements of highly motivated and engaged contract support staff who are ready, willing, and able to deliver the desired results.

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Maintaining Balance and Momentum
for performance excellence

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