Leader Development

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Leading is about connecting with people, not just setting the strategic direction of a team. True connection and understanding allow leaders to motivate and empower the human capital within their organizations. Leaders must develop astute awareness of their behavior and how it is received by others. 

Many organizations – private and public sector – are grappling with how best to prepare and support leaders for increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments. As a result, many of these organizations are taking a fresh holistic look at their leadership development programs to assess and enhance their efficacy. Leveraging the experience and perspectives of former executives and senior leaders, we offer engaging and experience-based training and development programs that support executives and leaders in addressing their most pressing challenges. Services include leadership assessment (e.g., 360, Leadership Style inventory, Birkman, Strengths Finder), customized training solutions, and individual and team coaching.

Core Leader Development Services



Our content leverages leading academic, business, and public sector leading practices to ensure that our training is current, relevant, and effective. We can deliver existing training modules, lightly customizing it for your organization. We can also develop semi-custom and completely customized training solutions that are responsive to your unique culture and your specific requirements.



We have an extensive network of professionally certified coaches with both public and private sector executive coaching experience. We design our leader development cohort coaching engagements to be responsive to your requirements and can support both short and long-term leadership training engagements. Leveraging internationally recognized assessment, such as The Birkman Method, we provide evidence-based approaches to lasting behavioral change.

Team Building


Pivotal specializes in facilitating engagements for senior leaders and their teams. Our facilitators include former executives who are experts in multiple technical specialties. We also offer an extensive network of academic and practitioner experts. Our facilitators expertly guide the engagement using our 3-phased approach (planning, implementation, evaluation) to

ensure your session is maximally effective.


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The Birkman Method

Pivotal's Preferred Assessment

While we can administer almost any personality, skills, behavioral, or leadership assessment available on the market, our assessment of choice is the Birkman Method. Birkman enables leaders to become aware of small implications that make big differences to their performance as a leader. The job of an effective leader is to motivate and empower the human capital within an organization, and thus, leaders must be able to understand how to communicate with, motivate, and appreciate the different types of people that compose the organizations they lead.Birkman is a tool for understanding people. Through better understanding with Birkman, leaders can learn how to connect with and motivate different personality styles in their organization, know how to better handle difficult conversations, and see the implications of their reactive stress behaviors. 


Why Is Birkman Better?

Only assessment that captures underlying needs

Needs are what individuals crave from their environment and the people around them. When someone's needs are met, they are fulfilled, engaged and productive.

Needs vary widely between people, and they are not observed simply from behavior - this is one of the reasons why Birkman is unique in measuring them.

Examines personailty and perceptions in a social context

The Birkman Method is distinct because it taps into what an individual believes about "most people" around them, providing a unique glimpse into one's perception of both self and others. This promotes better self-management and awareness of extremes relative to social norms.

Combines behavioral and occupational data in one assessment

There are many factors that affect a person's career performance and satisfaction. Just looking at motivations doesn't give the full picture. By measuring how individuals relate to the people around them through their communication style and leveraging benchmark data, the Birkman offers insights into potential gaps in an organization's communication or culture and individual alignment of personality and career field.

About The Birkman Method

The Birkman Method - Birkman Map